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Project Description
This is an extension to Inkscape that makes it easier to create bitmap resources for Android apps at multiple resolutions and in nine-patch format.


This simple extension for Inkscape attempts to make it easier to create bitmap drawables for use in Android apps. It automates the process of exporting PNGs at multiple resolutions and provides a system for directly exporting 9-patch PNGs.

You can find out more about Android resolution independence here and about 9-patch PNGs here.

The Android tools do include a tool for creating nine-patch images but it's tedious to use and even more so when you have many resolutions to deal with. This extension lets you export nine-patch direct from Inkscape.

The extension is in Beta it's in use on Windows and at least one Linux setup. Download the release from the Downloads section, install it and give it a go.

If you want to improve this tool there are a few things to do including testing more linux distros and OS X and improving the tutorial.

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